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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved from the realm of science fiction to the everyday over the last few decades. There is no doubt that AI has many benefits in the 21st century. It helps us to choose which film or TV show to watch next (Netflix) and helps us navigate places we’ve never been (Google Maps). AI technology can also be used by doctors to help diagnose medical conditions.

But AI can also be a cause for concern and it presents unique ethical and societal challenges, such as bias in algorithms or the growing use of technology for surveillance. What are the social consequences of AI? How is our information being used?  Who is setting the policies and regulation? And how can AI affect our privacy and civil liberties?

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ADAPT, the SFI Research Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology is leading the development of Artificial Intelligence and digital innovation. As humans are at the centre of our research, we want YOU to play a central role in shaping our research. 

We are inviting members of the public to participate in our #DiscussAI Think-In event series. These think-ins invite you to consider a series of scenarios relating to AI and discuss some of the outcomes that can arise from these new technological advancements.

The ADAPT Citizens’ Think-In series 2022 is funded by Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme.

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