People sitting around a table at a workshop, having a discussion about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Workshops, February 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved from the realm of science fiction to the everyday over the last few decades. There is no doubt that AI has many benefits in the 21st century. It helps us to choose which film or TV show to watch next (Netflix) and helps us navigate places we’ve never been (Google Maps). AI technology can also be used by doctors to help diagnose medical conditions.

But AI can also be a cause for concern and it presents unique ethical and societal challenges, such as bias in algorithms or the growing use of technology for surveillance.

This year, we want to hear your thoughts on the subject! We are hoping to meet a wide variety of people, groups and communities throughout 2022 to chat about your lived experience of AI and what you would like to see for the future of AI?

Join us at one of our workshops this February to explore what AI means to us and its impact on society. The workshops will bring together collaborators from a wide range of backgrounds to explore the question: “What impact does Artificial Intelligence have on me and my life?” Together, we will define the concepts and themes we wish to explore in 2022.


17 February 2022, 11.00-12.30


2nd date in February 2022, TBC

People wearing face coverings, sitting around a table, discussing AI

As always, you don’t need any specific AI or technology expertise to take part in the workshop. Participants in the workshop will receive a €25 voucher for their time. If you need more information, please email

About the workshop

The workshop will bring together participants from a wide range of backgrounds including: community group members, members of the public with a curiosity about Artificial Intelligence, researchers, business and industry partners and policymakers. We will focus on one key question: “What impact does Artificial Intelligence (AI) have on me and my life?” 

You might be asking yourself: “how does AI actually impact me?” Take a look at the “Typical Night Out” scenario below for some of the ways we encounter AI every day.

You’re meeting some friends for dinner. As you’re getting ready your doorbell camera alerts you there’s someone outside. That can’t be your friend already can it!? You check the image before answering the door, realising it is your friend and you’re officially late. Checking the commute time with Alexa, you both decide to walk to the restaurant. Once there you have a great time chatting and catching up. Obligatory selfies are taken and filters added. Once the photos are approved and everyone’s tagged (even the restaurant), the images are shared between friends and on Instagram At the end of the night you use your bank’s app to split the bill. While you’re on your phone, you open Freenow to order a taxi home.

What could possibly be the risk in such a lovely evening? Really the only detail people can see is the restaurant name. You didn’t give away any personal data, did you? Are you 100% sure that was the only time your location was shared? Do you know you also gave access to your full photo collection on your phone, and every location you’d been to in the last 48 hours, oh and also the locations you spent money? Who now has access to all this data, and what are they likely to do with it?

Before the workshop

After you sign up, you will receive an email with more information.

Before the workshop itself, we will send a short activity to get you thinking about the impact AI has on you. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to work on it in advance, we’ll cover it in the workshop too. 

During the workshop

You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts about AI and help shape the direction of ADAPT’s public AI discussions for this year. All opinions are welcome.

Please check back – we’ll be adding the agenda here once it’s finalised.

After the workshop

After both idea generation workshops are completed, we will examine what we have heard and define three topics or subject areas related to AI that we will explore in 2022. We will be setting up small groups to collaborate on each of the topic areas.

We will be running a series of co-creation workshops to develop discussion scenarios in March / April. For more info, click here. If you would like to be involved further, please contact