Welcome to ADAPT’s Co-Creation Space

ADAPT’s co-creation space is an opportunity to come together in an interactive, collaborative way to generate new ideas relating to Artificial Intelligence.

We are always looking for people to get involved in our projects. You don’t need any previous knowledge – we will provide all the information you need. You simply need curiosity and an internet connection!

It’s easy to get involved! Email thinkins@adaptcentre.ie to register your interest and we will be in touch with information.

People wearing face coverings, sitting around a table, discussing AI

Co-Creation is at the heart of our Public Engagement work at ADAPT

What was it like to be involved with ADAPT's Think-Ins?

Picture of Julie Power from Vasculitis Ireland sitting and looking at the camera
I felt that all opinions were considered and I would encourage anybody to take part in any of these kind of workshops… I know like for some of our members and people that wouldn’t be so used to technology that that they might feel a little bit intimidated by it, but the whole process is really well run and there is no such thing as a silly question or a wrong answer. Your opinion is your opinion and we need every opinion to get good reliable information.
Julie Power from Vasculitis Ireland on participating in Citizens’ Think-Ins in 2021

What is Co-Creation?​

Co-creation is the development of concepts, projects and initiatives with people and not for them. Through this process, we actively engage with participant groups to design, produce, and work through the various stages of projects and initiatives. Co-creation allows us to gather and incorporate insights from the participants to learn if the topic, the stories, activities and tools proposed make sense and are of value to them and the audience they represent.

Why do we need people like you to get involved?

Dr Niall Murray from ADAPT in Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) was asked why he believes it’s important to have the public involved in discussions around AI research.

As ADAPT is a human-centred research centre, it is essential for the public to have input to the research agenda. The public are experts in different contexts of AI application & tell us what they are prepared to accept from AI technologies.

Join the discussion!

Our next co-creation event is an interactive Idea Generation Workshop. We are at the start of a new series of public AI discussion events and we would like to hear a broad range of views on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts about AI and help shape the direction of the AI discussions for this year.

The workshop takes place on 17 February 2022 from 11.00-12.30 via Zoom. The workshop will bring together collaborators from a wide range of backgrounds to explore the question: “What impact does Artificial Intelligence have on me and my life?”

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/registerFeb

Participants in the workshop will receive a €25 voucher for their time and contribution. You don’t need to have any background in AI or technology – we will provide all the information you need.