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SignON 25 Nov 2022

#DiscussAI Think-In: Translating Sign Languages


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Can you imagine a time when an app on your phone will be able to automatically translate between signed and spoken languages (a bit like Google Translate)? As automatic machine translation technology improves, an app like this might not be too far off in the future.

SignON is a community-driven project that is developing technology that will mean Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals can translate between signed and spoken languages using translation technology like Google translate.

But how should this technology be developed, and how can we make sure it is guided by Deaf and hard of hearing communities? This event will build on the outcomes of a co-creation workshop held on 12 November 2022. To find out more about the workshop on 12 November, click this link.

Register now for a #DiscussAI Think-In on 25 November: click the link