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START: Think-In on AI

ADAPT Research Centre
Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin

Free, booking essential

‘Big Brother is Watching…So what?’


Smile, you’re on camera! From taking the bus, to police surveillance and everything in between, we are now being monitored in a way we never have been before. 


Join this #DiscussAI Think-In for a lively discussion on the increasing use of public surveillance through Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our day-to-day lives.  Through fascinating discussion scenarios, we will explore and deliberate on the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI surveillance for individuals and society at large.

 #DiscussAI Think-Ins are a forum for everyone – citizens, researchers, and industry professionals– to openly discuss the potential future we face as AI technologies evolve. These discussions allow a space to explore together if there is a safe and ethical way for us all to benefit from AI technology.

 To celebrate European Researchers Night, this Think-In will run simultaneously in Malta through our partners: the University of Malta and Science in the City. We’ll therefore get to compare and contrast attitudes to this topic in Ireland and Malta.

The event is open to all adults. Note that you don’t need any prior knowledge of AI to participate.