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Workshop: Smart Ageing in the Digital Age

ADAPT Centre and Centre for Smart Ageing
Farranfore, Co. Kerry

There’s no doubt that technology has made our lives easier. From smart phones that track our fitness, monitor our sleep patterns and turn on our heating when we’re on the way home (and everything in between). But for all the benefits technology brings, there can be challenges when introducing new technology into our lives and homes.

We want to hear from people in Co. Kerry about their experiences of these types of technology. On 9 March, we will be running a workshop in the Centre for Smart Ageing in Farranfore to talk about how this impacts (or doesn’t impact) your life.

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image credits: The Centre for Better Ageing, Positive Ageing Image Library

Event poster for a DiscussAI Think-In on the topic: How can technology support an active and healthy lifestyle? You are invited to take part in an interactive discussion about Healthy Smart Ageing, and the role technology plays in our lives as we grow older. 9 March 2023 11:00 - 1:00 PM The Centre for Smart Ageing Farranfore, Co. Kerry Event Outline: 0.30 - Registration & Coffee 11.00 - Welcome 11.10 - Expert Speaker 11.30 - Small Group Discussion 12.15 - Feedback 12.45 - Lunch
The purpose of a Think-In is to discuss and understand your perspectives on the technology you use in your everyday life. Your participation in this event will help us in creating better experiences for you and other people like you. Drawing from your own experience and expertise, through group discussions, we would like you to discuss the topic: ‘How can technology support an active and healthy lifestyle?’ Themes identified will be considered for inclusion in a discussion scenario or story. The scenario or story is being developed for use at a Citizen’s Think-In, a public discussion event, that will happen later in the year, where scenarios are used as a tool to prompt a discussion around a specific topic or question.