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RESOURCES All the tools you need to plan your own Think-In

Think-In Guidelines

Are you planning a Think-In? Check out our helpful guidelines on everything from how to set up, structure and evaluate a Think-In.





We periodically review our programme

Recent evaluation conducted in 2022-2023 by Stickydot noted:

it was quite striking to see how skills and elements that closely relate to co-creation processes helped build a safe environment for discussion among stakeholders. This is how you broaden perspectives and ensure that different voices are heard!


Below are some of the topics we’ve discussed at previous #DiscussAI Think-Ins.

They are free to download and use. Click the image or “Read On” to see the full topic.

Take a look and contact us if you have any suggestions or would like to get involved in our next public Think-In.


Useful resource we use

Siscode Toolbox for Co-creation Journeys

The SISCODE Toolbox aims to facilitate the design and
implementation of co-creation journeys for the SISCODE
laboratories, focussing on better understanding and
prioritisation of the particularities of each context. The
selection of the existing tools and toolkits will support the
development of the design-based process from the problem
analysis to the ideation of a solution, the development of a
prototype and its experimentation in a real-world context.