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Think-In Guidelines

Are you planning a Think-In? Check out our helpful guidelines on everything from how to set up, structure and evaluate a Think-In.




Below are some of the topics we’ve discussed at previous #DiscussAI Think-Ins.

They are free to download and use. Click the image or “Read More” to see the full topic.

Take a look and contact us if you have any suggestions or would like to get involved in our next public Think-In.

What happens to your Health Information?

With use of new technologies to manage our health records, concerns arise about who is viewing our information and what are they doing with it.

Can a Smart Doorbell keep you safe?

Susan’s mother lives alone. She loves her independence but her family worries about her safety and security in a large house on her own.

Do you care if Big Brother is watching you?

In China, a system is in place where AI-based facial recognition software allows the State to identify and monitor the behaviour of its citizens.

Is AI or a human making decisions that impact you?

AI can be used in many ways and contributes to progress in many different spaces. But is it important to know how and when AI makes decisions?

We have a range of discussion topics


Evaluation Report, 2022

In 2020-2021, evaluation of the Citizens’ Think-In format for citizen-researcher dialogue was carried by the Institute of Methods Innovation.


Evaluation Report, 2019

This report presents a formative evaluation of the inaugural ADAPT Citizens’ Think-In on 15 November 2018, which addressed the theme ‘Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Civil Liberties’.