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Teaching Resources All your AI Teaching Resources to engage students in the ethical dilemmas facing individuals and society using AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is One Of The Most Transformative Innovations Of Our Times, Presenting Significant Opportunities And Challenges For Individuals And Society. AI’s Broad Applicability Makes It An Important Whole-School Topic. 

ADAPT Resources enable teachers from diverse subject areas to foster discussion and deliberation in their classrooms around the role of AI In Our Lives.  You can use our Discussion Scenarios or The Ethics And AI Discussion Toolkit to aid your teaching.  ADAPT also partners with the Department Of Education’s JCT STE(A)M Unit to deliver professional learning experience workshops for teachers. 

If you are a teacher who would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you.  

Driverless Cars

It is predicted in the next 20 – 50 years all cars will drive themselves. The aim of it is to reduce human error, effectively eliminating road collisions and deaths. The car will be designed to swerve if there is a pedestrian or other road block. However, what happens when there is no where to swerve to, what will the car do then?

Artificial Agents

You’ve got a new Alexa and are setting it up. You will be asked to customise the settings so Alexa is personalised for you. It will ask you all about what you like, where you are and what age you are.   Do you do it? Will it know too much? Or can it help you have a better user experience?

The Game Of Life

China’s social credit system assigns credits to all aspects of life. Each citizen starts with 1000 credits. These points are montiored and rated according to ones behaviour. Dating sites in China now have peoples credits listed. Is this an invasion of privacy or does it protect the public?

You can apply our other #DiscussAI Think-In Scenarios if you are teaching adults too

ADAPT has partnered with Science Foundation Ireland, Huawei and Integrity to produce a discussion toolkit on Ethics and AI. The toolkit can be used in secondary school classrooms and in community or adult education group settings.