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A Think-In is an opportunity to get together to share ideas and generate thoughtful and meaningful discussion.

#DiscussAI Think-Ins

ADAPT’s Think-Ins are public forums where people come together to discuss some of the ethical issues we face in the digital age.


At a Think-In, you will have the opportunity to interact with researchers at the cutting-edge of Artificial Intelligence research and development.

You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of AI – we will provide all of the information you need.


Think-Ins begin with a short introductory presentation relating to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in society

Small group discussion

Next we break into small groups to discuss technology application scenarios, focusing on possible opportunities, impacts, risks and benefits of the emerging technology

Report back

Each small group has a facilitator who will report the key discussion points to the whole group

Whole group discussion

At the end, the whole group reflects and deliberates on the discussion points raised

Watch this short video to familiarise yourself with ADAPT’s Citizens’ Think-In series:

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